Graduate spotlight: Georg Hoffmann

Dr. Georg Hoffmann is a PhD student at the Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik. In May 2023, he successfully defended his thesis, titled: ‘Polarization-discontinuity-doped two-dimensional electron gas in BaSnO3/LaInO3 heterostructures grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy’. Here, Georg shares his insights into working on the GraFOx project.

I’m working in the Cluster G: Growth group, led by Oliver Bierwagen and Jutta Schwarzkopf (IKZ). My work involves the the growth of single crystalline thin films using molecular beam epitaxy. The films I grow are completely transparent but they conduct like metals. Their application can be imagined in high electron mobility transistors (high frequency application like wifi) or in non-volatile memory applications where they can help to reduce the power consumption of electronic devices.

GraFOx really helped us to understand all the physics we did not yet understand, be it through the measurement tools or learning from the experience of other experts. Within the GraFOx network, there are always people who have time and enthusiasm to offer support in measuring or calculating the physical properties that help us to get a fundamental understanding of the systems we investigate.