The Berlin-centered research network GraFOx merges activities in crystal growth, epitaxy, theory, and fundamental physical investigations towards one goal: to create and explore oxide systems for new generations of electronic devices.

Research Highlights

Realizing perovskite interfaces for high-mobility two-dimensional electron gases

A team of bulk crystal growers, epitaxy, and electron microscopy experts from GraFOx cluster G laid the foundation to realize two-dimensional electron gases with high room-temperature mobility using perovskite oxides.

Vertical β-Ga2O3 FinFET devices

In collaboration with the Leibniz-Institut für Kristallzüchtung (IKZ), FBH has recently started activities to realize vertical β-Ga2O3 FinFET devices.


There are currently 35 GraFOx projects organized in four clusters. See the full list of projects here.