Program of the Conference

Keynote Lectures

  • Andreas Popp, Institute for Chrystal Growth, DE: Epitaxial Growth of β-Ga₂O₃ by MOVPE – A retrospective and outlook
  • Masataka Hiashiwaki, Osaka Metropolitan University/National Institute of Information and Communications Tech, JP: Ga₂O₃ device technologies for power and harsh environment
  • Chris G. Van de Walle, University of California, Santa Barbara, USA: Controlling doping in Ga₂O₃ and related alloyselectronics

Invited Talks

  • Zbigniew Galazka, Institute for Chrystal Growth, DE: Bulk rutile-GeO₃ single crystals and wafers with extraordinary physical properties
  • Akito Kuramata, Novel Crystal Technology Inc., JP: Recent Status of Ga₂O₃ Crystal Growth Development
  • Elaheh Ahmadi, University of California, USA: Hybrid MBE for epitaxial growth of Si-doped ((Al)Ga)₂O₃ films
  • Roberto Fornari, University of Parma, IT: Polymorphism in MOVPE-grown Ga₂O₃: analysis of nucleation and stable growth parameters for the κ phase
  • Riena Jinno, University of Tokyo, JP: Selective Area Growth of α-Ga₂O₃ on Sapphire Substrates by Mist-CVD and its Thermal Stability
  • Yoshinao Kumagai, Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, JP: Vapor-phase epitaxial growth of gallium oxide using Ga halides as source gases
  • Darrel Schlom, Cornell University, USA: Growth of β-Ga₂O₃ and α-(AlxGa1-x)₂O₃ by Suboxide MBE at 1 µm/hr
  • Masataka Hiashiwaki, Osaka Metropolitan University, JP: Ga₂O₃ device technologies for power and harsh environment electronics
  • Andrej Kuznetsov, University of Oslo, NOR: Disorder-induced ordering in gallium oxide polymorphs
  • Matthew D. McCluskey, Washington State University, USA: Photoluminescence and Raman Mapping of Defects in β-Ga₂O₃
  • Emmanouil Kioupakis, University of Michigan, USA: Rutile GeO₂ and GeSnO₂ Alloys: A New Family of Ultra-Wide-Band Semiconductors
  • Laura Ratcliff, University of Bristol, UK: Tackling Disorder in γ-Ga₂O₃
  • Uttam Singisetti, University of Buffalo, USA: Electron transport studies in gallium oxide and aluminum-gallium-oxide alloys
  • Kornelius Tetzner, Ferdinand Braun Institute, DE: Recent advances in the process development of Gallium Oxide power transistors for high-voltage applications
  • Jiandong Ye, Nanjing University, CN: Enhanced Avalanche in NiO/Ga₂O₃ Herojunction by Edge Termination Optimization
  • Esmat Farzana, Iowa State University, USA: Vertical β-Ga₂O₃ Diodes for High-voltage and Extreme Radiation Application