Co-authored Publications

    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2023

    Rajabi Kalvani, P., Parisini, A., Sozzi, G., Borelli, C., Mazzolini, P., Bierwagen, O., Vantaggio, S., Egbo, K., Bosi, M., Seravalli, L., & Fornari, R. (2023). Interfacial Properties of the SnO/κ-Ga₂O₃ p-n Heterojunction A Case of Subsurface Doping Density Reduction via Thermal Treatment in κ-Ga₂O₃. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, acsami.3c08841.
    Langørgen, A., Kalmann Frodason, Y., Karsthof, R., von Wenckstern, H., Thue Jensen, I. J., Vines, L., & Grundmann, M. (2023). Defect level in κ-Ga₂O₃ revealed by thermal admittance spectroscopy. Journal of Applied Physics, 134(1), 015701.
    Wang, R., Schultz, T., Papadogianni, A., Longhi, E., Gatsios, C., Zu, F., Zhai, T., Barlow, S., Marder, S. R., Bierwagen, O., Amsalem, P., & Koch, N. (2023). Tuning the surface electron accumulation layer of In₂O₃ by adsorption of molecular electron donors and acceptors. Small, 2300730.

    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2022

    Wang, Y., Wang, Q., Zhao, J., Niermann, T., Liu, Y., Dai, L., Zheng, K., Sun, Y., Zhang, Y., Schwarzkopf, J., Schroeder, T., Jiang, Z., Ren, W., & Niu, G. (2022). A robust high-performance electronic synapse based on epitaxial ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O₂ films with uniform polarization and high Curie temperature. Applied Materials Today, 29, 101587.
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    Gorelov, V., Reining, L., Feneberg, M., Goldhahn, R., Schleife, A., Lambrecht, W. R. L., & Gatti, M. (2022). Delocalization of dark and bright excitons in flat-band materials and the optical properties of V₂O₅. Npj Computational Materials, 8(1), 94.
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    Kamutzki, F., Bekheet, M. F., Selve, S., Kampmann, F., Siemensmeyer, K., Kober, D., Gillen, R., Wagner, M., Maultzsch, J., Gurlo, A., & Hanaor, D. A. H. (2022). NaGdSi₂O₆-A novel antiferromagnetically coupled silicate with Vierer chain structure. Journal of Solid State Chemistry, 317, 123677.
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    Lee, M.-H., Chou, T.-S., Bin Anooz, S., Galazka, Z., Popp, A., & Peterson, R. L. (2022). Effect of post-metallization anneal on (100) Ga ₂O₃/Ti-Au ohmic contact performance and interfacial degradation. APL Materials, 10(9), 091105.
    Ozsoy-Keskinbora, C., Van den Broek, W., Boothroyd, C. B., Dunin-Borkowski, R. E., van Aken, P. A., & Koch, C. T. (2022). Synergistic use of gradient flipping and phase prediction for inline electron holography. Scientific Reports, 12(1), 13294.
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    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2021

    Hirschle, C., Schreuer, J., Galazka, Z., & Ritter, C. (2021). On the relation of structural disorder and thermoelastic properties in ZnGa₂O₄ and Zn₁₋ₓMgₓGa₂O₄ (x ≈ 0.33). Journal of Alloys and Compounds, 886, 161214.
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    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2020

    Gopalan, P., Knight, S., Chanana, A., Stokey, M., Ranga, P., Scarpulla, M. A., Krishnamoorthy, S., Darakchieva, V., Galazka, Z., Irmscher, K., Fiedler, A., Blair, S., Schubert, M., & Sensale-Rodriguez, B. (2020). The anisotropic quasi-static permittivity of single-crystal β -Ga₂O₃ measured by terahertz spectroscopy. Applied Physics Letters, 117(25), 252103.
    Jovic, V., Moser, S., Papadogianni, A., Koch, R. J., Rossi, A., Jozwiak, C., Bostwick, A., Rotenberg, E., Kennedy, J. V., Bierwagen, O., & Smith, K. E. (2020). The itinerant 2D electron gas of the indium oxide (111) surface: Implications for carbon- and energy-conversion applications. Small (Weinheim an Der Bergstrasse, Germany), 16(12), 1903321.
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    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2019

    Hirschle, C., Schreuer, J., Ganschow, S., & Schulze-Jonack, I. (2019). Thermoelastic properties of rare-earth scandates SmScO3 , TbScO3 and DyScO3. Journal of Applied Physics, 126(16), 165103.
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    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2018

    Feneberg, M., Lidig, C., White, M. E., Tsai, M. Y., Speck, J. S., Bierwagen, O., Galazka, Z., & Goldhahn, R. (2018). Anisotropic optical properties of highly doped rutile SnO2 : Valence band contributions to the Burstein-Moss shift. APL Materials, 7(2), 022508.
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    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2017

    Berthold, T., Katzer, S., Rombach, J., Krischok, S., Bierwagen, O., & Himmerlich, M. (2017). Towards understanding the cross-sensitivity of In 2O3 based ozone sensors : Effects of O3, O2 and H2O adsorption at In 2O3 (111) surfaces. Physica Status Solidi (b), 255(4), 1700324.
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    Publications with GraFOx contribution 2016

    Berthold, T., Rombach, J., Stauden, T., Polyakov, V., Cimalla, V., Krischok, S., Bierwagen, O., & Himmerlich, M. (2016). Consequences of plasma oxidation and vacuum annealing on the chemical properties and electron accumulation of In2O3 surfaces. Journal of Applied Physics, 120(24), 245301.
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