Catherine Dubourdieu receives ERC Advanced Grant

Prof. Dr. Catherine Dubourdieu was awarded a prestigious ERC Advanced Grant for her research project “LUCIOLE”, aimed at combining ferroelectric polar textures with conventional silicon technologies. Catherine leads the Institute Functional Oxides for Energy-Efficient Information Technology at HZB and is a Professor at the Physical and Theoretical Chemistry division at Freie Universität Berlin.

The project LUCIOLE focuses on ferroelectric nanometer-size oxides, which can host exotic polar textures such as vortices or skyrmions. With a wealth of potential emergent properties, whirling topological polar nanodomains could lead to novel devices, for example ultra-compact memories that store more than a terabyte per square inch. “We want to pave the way to future low power nanoelectronics based on topological defects” says Prof. Dubourdieu, who leads the GraFOx Cluster D Devices together with Dr. Kornelius Tetzner (FBH), and is also a member of the GraFOx Board of Directors.